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We sleep one third of life. However many people do not understand the importance of this issue. We have developed based on scientific knowledge and long experience, the Piramidbed, together to other pyrmamidal products.


A luxury bed (although there are economic models) that keeps getting more fashionable, but not snobbery, but for its therapeutic qualities, derived from its interaction with the Earth’s magnetic field: antirheumatic, Muscle relaxant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, sedative and various qualities, derived from the molecular restructuring of the impossibility of putrafacción within its scope, the elimination of free radicals, etc. .. Sleeping in these Pyramicam-bed in itself and with all the comforts of better sleep, an antiaging treatment effective, safe, without undesirable collateral effects. It ensures longevity increased both by the impossibility of getting the majority of diseases known as its integral antioxidant effect.

We manufacture from the cheapest to the most luxurious models.

Humanity has used beds with several aesthetic, functionality and comfort, from a space of earth moved and covered with straw, in a cave, to hang hammocks, beds to luxurious palace, and also trimmed with mattresses or less good, but deep down, have never ceased to be a place to lay to rest the bones of the rich and poor, nobles and commoners, savage and civilized. Nothing has changed until we develop the Piramicama (Pyramid-bed). This is an authentic revolution in beds.

On the website of Piramicasa explains some things and in the books (only spanish) of Dr. Ulises Sosa Salinas and Gabriel Silva, explained at great length and present everything related to the use of pyramids, especially for health. In other entries we put more details of this issue is not only exciting, but important. Here are just some of the economic creations, medium cost and luxury, these beds can be real gems in the bedroom. Included models for childrens

 All of them have almost the same therapeutic effect, except special closed or semiclosed, specially designed for treating advanced rheumatism, multiple sclerosis and other degenerative diseases. We speak here of a bed which is a high-powered therapeutic cabin (which also use healthy people who want greater effect). They need a larger room. Hercules Model:

 The normal Pyramid-beds are calculated to treat sleep problems (either temporary disorders or any kind of etiology and chronicity), incipient degenerative diseases, rheumatic diseases are not very advanced, low chronicity, not very serious infections or very chronic, serving as a preventative of all these problems and ensuring healthy people (or more or less healthy), a longer life free from bacterial attack and free radicals during sleep. No other bed itself get these benefits.
The mattresses “antibacterial” contain only materials that protect the mattress itself, not the sleeper. In contrast, the Piramicama protects the user. Does not use external energy sources, but only the means Gauss of magnetic field in Earth’s atmosphere.

In habitable caves more than half Gauss, are therefore more powerful, but have the advantage of having no contraindications of any kind, ie with our materials (especially high purity aluminum, quartz, orgonite devices, etc. .) there is no risk for users of any kind, any age and physical condition.

Our Pyramidbeds meet the standards recommended by the Cuban medical and scientific groups for the use of Pyramids in living things.

 The ancient cave dwellers did not have more than a few “comfort items” designed to protect against hostile external environment and meeting the need for sleep, eat, relax and prepare weapons with some reassurance, that is, to survive. But some of the cave dwellers have today, plus all the comforts of caves in Spain and elsewhere, beds that make them immune from rheumatism (all rheumatic diseases known) and it is not mere survival, but living with an exceptional quality of life.
The lucky ones, in caves, in ordinary houses or palaces now have powerful therapeutic beds and luxury bedding with exquisite variety of aesthetic models, always with the condition of absolute paramagnetism, which guarantees both the desired effect as the absence of undesirable effects.

 Even the cheapest Piramicama becomes obsolete in the normal bed more luxurious and expensive to be found in the market.

 In either model, we can make existing bed mattress that is of good quality if the user can use it. Also with custom mattress, which makes better use and therefore more comfort. There is a small price difference in these different structures, but always less than the cost of a new mattress. However, we provide top quality mattresses, visco-elastic with soft layer thickness at the request of users.

Pyramid bec with existing mattress
Pyramidbed with mattress to size

Some examples of models of luxury bedding, but note that they are only examples and can be done in many different colors, with stone carvings and wood sculptures on the mat, the customer wants.

 Among the high-end beds, the Luxor Atrium is the cheapest. It consists of special aluminum frame, mattress tailored tatami height desired by the customer, decorated the four sides of the same long-lasting vinyl (the same used for vehicle wraps, which can last longer indoors than thirty years). It can also lead interior lamp on one side, which avoids disturbing the light at the couple when you get up at night.


Ka models luxury beds, composed of special aluminum frame with gold or silver fringes without diamagnetic or ferromagnetic metals. The mat is made up of precious wood engravings.
They can carry jewelry ornaments or semiprecious stones, but the best are precious stones, considering that it is inserting into wooden sculptures and engravings by artists known as Mahfoud. Virtually Hailstone Baritoff kind jewelry (jewelry sculptures upper range), only wood as well, not only in stone sculpture.


Bah luxury bed model, Quartz is the most expensive model structure, since it is a fragile material that requires careful preparation of dies for cast and expensive transportation. Installation also requires specialized personnel for the assembly of parts. You can bring carved wood or stone on the mat and the jewelry is made to customer order.


Luxury bed Model Luxor Lah (quartz, precious stones, wood or stone such as marble, granite, etc.., Carvings, engravings and / or insertions of precious stones). In this model does not accept low-value stones, as would remove the artistic merit.
Any of these models can be ordered (allowing sufficient time) to wedding gifts, wedding gifts high-end, but it always pays to know the user of these wonders, before ordering as gifts, since the bed is, even these wonders-the most intimate of the house and people. Piramicasa is why a privacy policy that complies strictly with the utmost care. See our privacy policy

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